Oaxaca: Inhabitants of San Dionisio del Mar Face COVID-19 Spike without Medicines or Doctors

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In the current context of pandemic, municipal authorities and residents of San Dionisio del Mar, Ikoots communities of Oaxaca, reported an increase in COVID-19 infections, which caused the death of at least five people last week.

However, there has been no doctor in the community for a month since the intern’s contract ended and despite this situation, they are still waiting for the IMSS to send a new doctor. “The IMSS was notified, because in San Dionisio del Mar there is a Rural Medical Unit (UMR) of that institution that is in charge of the medical care of the population. In San Dionisio del Mar, the Oaxaca Health Services (SSO) do not enter, so as not to interfere with other areas”, explained the head of the Health Jurisdiction Ignacio Zarate Blas.

The inhabitants regretted that there is no favorable resource management for people who are sick with coronavirus since there is also just one health center in the municipality where there are no medicines. The lack of economic resources prevents people from mobilizing to go to a specialist. The sick have alleviated contagion with natural medicines and distance consultations. Due to this, they request support from the two levels of government to send medical brigades to care for the sick.

“At this time, the Isthmus of Tehuantepec region is experiencing an accelerating contagion of cases due to the new coronavirus and the Juchitan Hospital “Macedonio Benítez Fuentes” has 100 percent saturation, while the INSABI 25 Hospital in Juchitan with its 42 beds closed its doors on June 15th, 2021, dismissing the personnel who remained in the front line of combat against COVID-19”, Educa Oaxaca reported.

For more information in Spanish:

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