Guerrero: Search Resumes for CECOP Member Vicente Suastegui


Last Thursday, the search for Vicente Suastegui, brother of the opposition leader to the La Parota hydroelectric dam, Marco Antonio Suastegui Muñoz, who has been missing since August 5th, resumed.

The work is led by the National Search Commission and has the participation of the National Guard and the State Attorney General’s Office, as well as La Montaña Tlachinollan Human Rights Center. The search activities are carried out in the upper part of the Sabana Valley, in the Heroes de Guerrero neighborhood, on a hill where a body was found in recent weeks.

The search was originally scheduled for Saturday, August 14th to Monday, August 16th, but it was not possible to carry it out as planned, due to the lack of security for at least one of the days. Vidulfo Rosales, lawyer from the Tlachinollan Human Rights Defense Center, stated “Sometimes the bureaucratic procedures for the search and the personnel limitations that the CNB has, and in terms of resources, depend on other institutions, which sometimes are not clear that the search system is that, a system with which they have to collaborate, provide immediate support because it is an obligation and not an administrative procedure.”

The director for Mexico and Migrant Rights of WOLA, Stephanie Brewer, made a call to “clarify and sanction these facts.” Likewise, the National Network of Civil Human Rights Organizations All Rights for All (TdT Network) joined the urgent action issued by Tlachinollan to demand the presentation of Vicente Suastegui alive. For his part, the federal deputy for MORENA, Ruben Cayetano, spoke in the Congress of the Union for the presentation of the defender alive and urged the authorities of the three levels of government to clarify the case.

Tlachinollan affirms that this is the first search action in Acapulco promoted by relatives and human rights organizations carried out in extremely dangerous places. According to the center “People look with fear and distrust. It is strange that there are “government people”, because in several neighbourhoods they do not easily enter because they know that the criminals are in charge.”

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