Oaxaca: Detention of UCIDEBACC Leader Denounced

@ Educa Oaxaca

The Democratic Civic Union of Neighborhoods, Colonies and Communities (UCIDEBACC) denounced that on August 17th its leader, Antonio Zarate Bernal, was detained, and put at gunpoint into a blue pick-up truck without any insignia and without the possibility of being able to identify the individuals from uniforms. 

According to his relatives, they received a telephone call informing them that Zarate Bernal was in San Bartolo Coyotepec “with multiple blows and with marks of torture”, writes Educa Oaxaca.

The organization also denounced the persistent wave of systematic repression that has been going on for several years and recalled that Antonio Zarate Bernal was arrested in 2011 and released two months later for not verifying the crimes for which he was accused. The arrest would be associated, as the UCIDEBACC mentions, “to the criminalization that the Mexican State has done to the fight for their rights, which has maliciously used the Mexican justice system to set up cases for prefabricated crimes to guarantee that the organization UCIDEBACC weakens.”

His compañeros demanded the immediate release of Antonio Zarate Bernal and Joaquin Zarate, who was also arbitrarily detained and asked for guarantees of protection of life and physical integrity.

For more information in Spanish:

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For more information from SIPAZ:

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