Chiapas/National/International: EZLN Squad 421 Returns to Mexico after Four Months in Europe

@Daliri Oropeza

The Zapatista delegation “Squad 421” arrived at Mexico City airport on Saturday night, September 11, after visiting Europe, where they presented their struggle and learned about that of various social and popular groups on that continent.

The Squad set sail on May 3rd from Isla Mujeres, with the objective of reaching Europe crossing the Atlantic Ocean. The trip on land began in the Azores Islands, an autonomous territory of Portugal and there they got their passports stamped, then they toured Spain, first Vigo, then Extremadura, Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona; then they traveled to France and visited Paris and Nantes; and finally to Switzerland where they were in Basel, Zurich and the Alps.

On the day of their arrival, various groups gathered at Terminal 1, among them the Otomi community residing in Mexico City, students, activists and sexual diversity groups, who waited for the delegates of the “Squad 421” with slogans, shouts of support and batucada drums.

Now it is the turn of the La Extemporanea air delegation, made up of 177 members who left for Europe yesterday. Along with them travels the “Popcorn Comando”, made up of six girls and boys from the group Play and Mischief, as well as a group that will see to the media and a delegation from the National Indigenous Congress. Between Squad 421 and La Extemporanea, the Zapatista itinerary through Europe will encompass some thirty countries.

For more information in Spanish:

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Escuadrón 421 del EZLN vuelve a México después de travesía de 4 meses en Europa (Chiapas Paralelo, 13 septiembre de 2021)

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