Oaxaca: Solidarity Requested for Dozens of Families Affected by Floods on Isthmus 

@Imparcial Oaxaca

Since September 13th, Services for an Alternative Education (EDUCA) in Oaxaca warned about the emergency that many communities are experiencing on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec after the heavy rains registered in recent days.

The intense rainfall caused floods, landslides, river overflows, damage to crops and rural roads. Dozens of families who were able to safeguard themselves on their own and with the help of the local authority, however, lost their belongings.

Some of the affected municipalities are Union Hidalgo, Ixtaltepec, Juchitan, as well as San Dionisio del Mar, and San Mateo del Mar, among others. Also, the overflow of the Ixtaltepec River saw the municipal agencies of Ixtaltepec, Mazahua, Mezquite, El Morrito, La Mata, Chivela and Santa Rosa flooded, so the citizens made a call for help “to activate a temporary shelter.”

“More than 48 hours after the disaster, residents have not received federal or state aid, only food hamper from the municipal government”, reported Roselia Chaca from El Universal newspaper.

For its part, Codigo DH launched a collection of food and clothing for the victims and the Oaxacan Assembly in Defense of the Land and Territory calls for solidarity with comrades from La Ventosa affected by the recent rains and flooding.

For more information in Spanish:

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Colecta de víveres para los damnificados por inundaciones en Oaxaca (Código DH vía Twitter, 13 de septiembre de 2021)

For more information from SIPAZ:

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