Chiapas: Armed Group from Chenalho Murders EZLN Member


Domingo Santiz Jimenez was ambushed by members of the armed group that operates in Santa Martha, Chenalho when he was returning from San Andres Larrainzar, with his family and with other members of the support base communities of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN).

The armed group fired from the border with the Xuxch’en community, a town in the Aldama municipality where Domingo is from. The inhabitants of this community have faced harassment for years from the inhabitants of Santa Martha to deprive them of 60 hectares of land. The use of firearms and  shootings at the Aldama communities has intensified since last August.

On the night of September 15th when Domingo and his family, who were aboard a truck, were returning to his town, “they waited for the fire of the intense attack to cease and they stayed by the Tabac Aldama bridge. A shot hit the truck, the compañero threw himself to the side but the river was high and dragged him away”, his companions reported. They had to wait for the shooting to stop and for daylight to help search for Domingo’s body. They found him hours later, on a river bank. He had a heavy caliber weapon shot to the face.

During the transfer of the body to the home of Domingo Xuxch’en, with the accompaniment of the National Guard and state police, there were again attacks with firearms, explained the municipal president of Aldama, Adolfo Victorio Lopez Gomez. The shooting continued throughout the afternoon, even when Domingo’s body was still being waked, the armed groups of Santa Martha, Chenalho, continued firing at his town.

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