Oaxaca: Fanny Guadalupe, Mixe Youth who “Confronted Lack of Attention from Authorities”, Victim of Femicide 

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On September 26th, the body of Fanny Guadalupe, a 16-year-old Mixe girl from El Porvenir ejido, in the municipality of San Juan Cotzocon, Oaxaca, was found in what was allegedly “a suicide.”Although, initially the authorities treated the case as such, feminist organizations and activists, as well as Fanny’s family, demanded that the investigation protocol for the crime of femicide be activated since the young woman had denounced attacks and threats by a municipal agent from El Porvenir.

Fanny’s family has suffered threats as a result of their demand for justice. “It was not suicide, they killed my niece”, said Dora Anabel, Fanny’s aunt, who warned that she is afraid of the recent threats she received from her niece’s husband and also from the municipal agent.

On his Twitter account, the activist Joaquin Galvan disseminated an extract from the investigation file and asked the Oaxacan authorities “for an exhaustive review to avoid the fabrication of a scenario that undermines the risk to integrity suffered by Fanny and her family, who to this day feel threatened.”

The Mixe People Services association condemned the femicide and raised its voice to demand justice and punishment for those who are responsible for action or omission for the young woman’s femicide. It also joined in the request for precautionary measures to protect her relatives.

In response to the demands, the Human Rights Ombudsman of the People of Oaxaca (DDHPO) issued precautionary measures for Fanny Guadalupe’s family and asked the State Attorney General’s Office for immediate protection for indirect victims.

The Rosario Castellanos Women’s Studies Group (GES Mujer) in Oaxaca said that this case “evidences the sum of negligence, omissions and vulnerabilities that result in the lack of results in the face of femicidal violence in Oaxaca (…).” It particularly denounced the obstacles that women face when reporting violence since, in Fanny’s case, she faced a lack of attention despite the seriousness of her complaint, as well as the inaction of the authorities.

For more information in Spanish:

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