Chiapas: Self-defense Group Warns it Will Not Allow Raquel Trujillo to Govern


On October 1st, Raquel Trujillo Morales was allegedly sworn in as president-elect of Pantelho. In a video broadcast on social networks Trujillo Morales declared: “In the first minutes of this month of October we have taken office, in the same way, the council session has been installed.”

Given this, the self-defense group “El Machete” warned that they will not “let her in to govern the people” and that the authorities and the inhabitants of the 86 communities of the municipality are supporting the municipal council. This authority chosen by uses and customs was recognized by the Chiapas Congress, whose administration ended on September 30th. However, at the end of this period, “the municipal council wants to continue governing and Raquel Trujillo is not willing to leave the position that, according to the residents, she obtained through threats and electoral irregularities”, Animal Politico website stated.

La Jornada assured that a high-level source from the Chiapas government said that Trujillo Morales “accepted last week that she will not be able to govern and promised to request a license after being sworn in” but “now she doesn’t even answer and where she is is unknown.” At the same time, it reported on the reinforcement of security in the area due to the tension that exists and in order to avoid more violence.

A representative of El Machete said that, although Raquel intends to govern in Pantelho, he has no support. “She is no longer going to enter, even if the government wants to send her to govern Pantelho, it will not be like that. If that is violated, the government will be the state’s problem because the only thing that is going to happen is that more blood will flow in Pantelho.”

We recall that in recent days civil society organizations expressed their concern about the increase in violence that could arise due to this fact.

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