Guerrero: Organized Crime Charging for “Services” from Elected Candidates


On October 1st, in Guerrero as in other states, several municipalities received their new councilors. However, the new municipal presidents arrived to find themselves with serious problems that the outgoing governments left behind: lack of water in the communities, the absence of municipal police, unfinished and poorly done works, unpayable debts; discomfort and protests of the population for the unfulfilled commitments, La Montaña Tlachinollan Center for Human Rights writes.

Guerrero is one in one of the states where “the intervention of organized crime became more evident”, according to Animal Politico. Through threats to the candidates and/or their families, the criminal groups forced them to desist from their intention to govern and in other cases, they supported and imposed a particular candidate.

But the collection of “these services” by criminal groups began after the elections. “Organized crime demands, in exchange for supporting the candidate, that he submit to the orders that are given to him. Failure to do so and he will be killed. In some cases he may receive a prior warning, but in others there is no such opportunity”, said Animal Politico.

Criminal groups resort to “parallel governments” that operate by extorting merchants. El Universalsaid that suppliers with whom they have to buy their merchandise are imposed; they need to increase the prices of their products whose commissions would go “to the funds of the criminal group” which has led to the closure of businesses in different parts of the state. In addition, they do so by “embedding people in the cabinet of their “elected candidates”, not only awarding concessions and public works contracts, but also establishing the collection of fees without any restraint and consolidating their supremacy in each region: establishing true “parallel governments.”

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