Chiapas: Coordinated Deportations of Haitians by Authorities Violate International Law


The National Migration Institute (INM) reported that on Wednesday, October 6th, 129 people from Haiti returned to that country on a flight that left Tapachula for Puerto Principe.

According to the INM, these actions are part of the permanent negotiating table, installed on September 21st at the central offices, between representatives of the governments of Mexico and Haiti, in order to meet the needs of the migrant population located in national territory.

Since September 19th, nearly 5,500 Haitians have been deported from the United States.

The Collective for the Observation and Monitoring of Human Rights on the Southern Border denounced the deportation of said Haitian migrants and demanded that the authorities guarantee them protection measures, avoid acts of repression and the unjustified use of force.

In a statement, the Collective indicated that deporting migrants back to Haiti, where their basic needs cannot be met and their human rights cannot be guaranteed, is putting their life and integrity at serious risk. Furthermore, international law prohibits collective deportations and requires an evaluation of each case.

In this context, the Collective denounced the deportations for denying or omitting the rights of individuals to access regularization mechanisms and violating the guarantees of those who had already initiated international protection processes.

The Observation and Monitoring Collective indicated that, on September 29th, the INM carried out the first expulsion flight to Haiti with 70 nationals of that country, including 13 children and adolescents. Since August 9th, the Observation Collective has documented the arrival of flights to Tapachula from the Northern Border of Mexico and the United States. These flights are part of the Biden administration’s measures to ensure that migrants and people seeking international protection cannot enter the United States.

Giuseppe Loprete, head of the International Organization for Migration in Haiti, explained that six or seven flights arrive every day, and that many of the deportees have been out of the country for years and no longer even have family there.

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