Guerrero: Armed Group Threatens New Mayor in Iguala


In a video released on social networks on Wednesday, October 6th, the armed group Los Tlacos sent a message to the mayor of Iguala, David Gama Perez, in which they warned that they will control public security in the municipality and threatened to murder officials of the new municipal administration.

In addition, the armed group assured that David Gama, who ran for the PRI-PRD alliance, agreed to an alliance with the leader of Guerreros Unidos, Jesus Brito alias ‘El Marranero’.

The video of Los Tlacos was released after the mayor assured in a televised interview with Grupo Milenio that “he has not received pressure” from the drug traffickers, and ruled out that the discovery of four mutilated bodies – abandoned outside his campaign headquarters on the day he was sworn into office – was a message against him.

This action was attributed to Los Tlacos, led by Onesimo ‘El Necho’ Marquina Chapa. Added to this is the attack on Sunday, October 3rd, against Catholic parishioners who were in the atrium of the church of San Francisco de Asis, in the center of Iguala, which left a man and a child with gunshot wounds. 

On September 30th, the governor of Guerrero, Hector Astudillo Flores, recommended that the new mayor of Iguala seek the support of the Secretariat of National Defense and the National Guard to face the serious context of insecurity and violence in that municipality, particularly due to the dispute between criminal groups for control of the gold mines and the drug trafficking route to the United States.

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