National: CNI Commemorates 25 Years of Resistance in Communiqué 

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On October 12th, the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) commemorated its 25 years of existence and resistance with a statement that remembers some of the historical antecedents of its journey since 1996, when the EZLN convened the National Indigenous Forum. It recalled how, with Commander Ramona as a witness and more than 3,000 delegates from native peoples from all over the country, “they stamped the construction of “their own organizational space” under the seven principles of rule by obeying and they proposed to fight for recognition and respect for their rights and cultures.”

In the statement, the CNI also denounced the governments of the past and present for the massacres committed against indigenous and other communities, as well as the murders of community defenders. It rejected the Maya Train and said, regarding these megaprojects, that “in these 25 years we have learned that the struggle for life is our collective word and that for more than 500 years, the spoils of our lands, culture and ways of life pain us, they lead us to organize and fight.” It also took the opportunity to convene a deep reflection through meetings, forums, conferences and activities starting this October 12th and until the same date next year.

In an article, the journalist Daliri Oropeza affirmed that “it is very symbolic that the first time the EZLN left Chiapas was for the constitutive Assembly of the CNI in 1996. Now in 2021, that the Zapatistas leave Mexico, the CNI network accepts once again the Zapatista stimulus (by agreement of the assembly) and they travel together with La Extemporánea to Unsubmissive Europe renamed Slumil K’ajxemk’op.”

For more information in Spanish:

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For more information in Spanish:

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