Chiapas: Leader of Haitian Migrant Community in Tapachula Denounces Aggression by Immigration Agent 


@ Chiapas Paralelo

On October 13th, a video was released in which an immigration agent brutally beat a Haitian woman at an immigration checkpoint in Frontera Comalapa. She is the wife of the leader of the Haitian migrant community in Tapachula, Edelince Morange, who denounced today that agents of the National Migration Institute (INM) caused his wife to have an abortion.

According to Chiapas Paralelo, Morange narrated in a press conference that on September 11th she left Tapachula for Tuxtla when agents of the National Migration Institute (INM) took all Haitian nationals from a truck. Some returned to the truck, but it was not the case of Morange and his wife who, while trying to oppose their arrest, were beaten by one of the officers.

In the video released by the organization Peoples without Borders, the attacks are shown in front of members of the National Guard who they only observed without intervening. Regarding this, the INM said that it would not tolerate acts that violate human rights, which is why they initiated an investigation that resulted in the suspension of the immigration agent.

Regarding these violations, Irineo Mujica, from the Peoples without Borders y United Migrant Peoples (PUM) said that on October 23rd a caravan march will depart from Tapachula to CDMX to ask public institutions, national and international organizations, the human rights agencies of the United Nations and the Organization of American States, “to turn to the southern Mexican border and intervene in favor of Haitian migrants.”

What they seek is to break the siege to “free themselves from that” prison city “in which the current government keeps Haitian migrants.”

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