Oaxaca: Muxe’/trans Activists Reveal Discrimination in Tehuantepec Isthmus

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In 2019, the project TRANsformandome (TRANSformingmyself): Social Inclusion and Human Rights of the Muxe’ Trans Population was born, created to raise awareness and achieve recognition of sexual orientation and gender identity in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec. However, voices such as Dayana Gallegos Castillo, who “could fill out a notebook describing the offensive acts that she has suffered in the 27 years of her life” bring to light the discrimination that muxe’ and trans people continue to experience in Juchitan.

In the case of Dayana, she has also experienced job discrimination, when, having been appointed director of sexual diversity in the municipal council in 2017, her co-workers continued to use her name as her man in official documents. “One day one of the ladies told me: ‘The day your INE says that you are a woman, then I respect you’”, however, although she was officially Dayana, the discrimination did not stop. The activist also said she suffered from “religious discrimination” in her community, Santiago Niltepec, as she was unable to participate or hold positions in liturgical celebrations.

In 2020, Mexfam carried out a study where 128 muxe’/trans people from seven municipalities of the Isthmus were surveyed. The results showed that 50% of them “were rejected or excluded from social activities such as the town’s patron saint festivities.” The testimonies have destroyed the idealization that was spread about “the third gender of Oaxaca” through documentaries, cinema, etc. and they contrast, today, with statistics “that expose a reality that has always existed: one with discrimination and violence.”

Dayana says that, despite this, she has also been able to overcome discrimination from activism in favor of the defense of the human rights of the muxe ‘/trans community. As part of this fight to prevent the different types and modalities of discrimination, the organization, together with other institutions, presented a series of posters for the sensitization and education of the Tehuantepec Isthmus society, which will be exhibited in public and private places in various municipalities of the region.

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