Guerrero: Evelyn Salgado Pineda takes Office as Governor of Guerrero Appoints Associates of Felix Salgado to her Cabinet 


On October 15th, Evelyn Salgado Pineda took office as governor of Guerrero, and appointed a cabinet mostly made up of people close to her father, Felix Salgado Macedonio, as well as former governors Hector Astudillo and Angel Aguirre.

In the Ministry of Public Security, the captain of the navy, Evelio Mendez Gomez, was appointed. Saul Lopez Sollano remained as Secretary of Government, who was an alternate in the Senate of Felix Salgado Macedonio, and head of advisers to former Governor Angel Aguirre Rivero, linked to the Ayotzinapa case. He was also part of the Sandinista People’s Army in Nicaragua and his brother, Joel Lopez, participated in the guerrilla in Guerrero in the 1970s, since when he has been missing.

Raymundo Segura Estrada was assigned as Secretariat of Administration and Finance, the same position he held in the Acapulco city hall when Salgado Macedonio was mayor (from 2005 to 2008).

Other members also close to Salgado Macedonio, are the new head of Migrants and International Affairs, Celeste Mora Equiluz, who was also a local deputy for MORENA; and the new Secretary of Welfare, Maria del Carmen Cabrera Lagunas, former federal deputy, and former candidate for MORENA for mayor of Jose Azueta.

Eduardo Gerardo Loria Casanova, who was ratified as head of the Comptroller’s Office, has been singled out for ignoring reports of acts of corruption and for his inaction in the face of the millionaire debt that Hector Astudillo left with the ISSSTE.

In the Ministry of Education, Marcial Rodriguez Saldaña, friend of Felix Salgado, was appointed, who served as the state leader of MORENA and former rector of the Autonomous University of Guerrero (UAGRO).

Other appointments were the Secretary of Civil Protection, Roberto Arroyo Matus; the Secretary for Women, Violeta Pino Giron; the Secretary of the Environment, Angel Almazan Juarez; that of Agriculture and Fishing, Jorge Peto Calderon; Secretary of Urban Development, Irene Jimenez Montiel; Planning Secretary, Veronica Sevilla Muñoz; Secretary of Youth, Jessica Maldonado Morales and Secretary of Labor, Luis Armando Baños Rendon.

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