Guerrero: Demand to Eradicate Sale of Minors for Forced Marriage 

@ Despertar de la Montaña

Tlachinollan Human Rights Center published a news item where it talks about trafficking, forced marriage and sexual violence suffered by many girls and adolescents in La Montaña, Guerrero.

On October 20th, the State Attorney General’s Office (FGE) arrested Rutilio “N” in Tlapa, accused of the crime of rape committed against his daughter-in-law, a 15-year-old girl who, at 11 years of age, was forced to marry and for whom Rutilio N paid 130 thousand pesos. The Human Rights Center collected testimonies in this case and said that, when trying to confront her aggressor, the girl escaped, but was detained by community authorities who imprisoned her for alleged theft, although it was “a punishment” for “lacking respect” to her father-in-law, from whom she had fled.

“The girl was held captive for five years, cornered by her in-laws and subjected to the macho power of the community authorities. The aftermath has scarred a defenseless girl for life. The medical opinion established that there was rape of the minor and that it caused serious psycho-emotional damage”, the organization wrote.

In this case, the Guerrero State Human Rights Commission (CDHEG) said that they continue in the fight “for the eradication of the sale of minors for forced marriages” and will closely monitor that the FGE guarantees that the integrity of the girl and other victims. For her part, Governor Evelyn Salgado said that the sale of minors that persist in some areas of the state will no longer be allowed.

Milenio mentioned that during the swearing in of the members of the DIF she said that “she would seek to meet with senators, federal and local deputies to work in a coordinated manner in favor of women and girls from Guerrero.”

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