Chiapas: Migrant Caravan in Confrontation with National Guard

@Aristegui Noticias

Members of the migrant caravan ‘for justice, dignity and freedom of the migrant people’ that is heading to Mexico City, clashed with representatives of the National Guard (GN) on November 4th in Pijijiapan. The events resulted in five officers injured and 25 civilians arrested.

A member of the caravan reported to the Reuters agency that two migrants were beaten during the confrontation, when the agents tried to kettle them with their shields. He also pointed out that at least four buses took away detained delayed members of the caravan.

The incident took place at kilometer 137 of the coastal highway. The migrants, mostly from Central America, threw one of the agents to the ground and kicked him when he was lying on the pavement. Last week, near that area, a Cuban migrant died as a result of the shots fired by the National Guard against a group of migrants.

For its part, the National Guard affirmed that its members were attacked by between 100 and 150 migrants, and as a result five of its members were injured. The institution maintained that its elements did not respond to the attack.

This is the second operation by the security forces in their attempt to stop the continent of migrants, made up of approximately four thousand people. The first occurred on the same day that it left Tapachula in the town of Viva Mexico, where the migrants broke the siege, which left a minor of Guatemalan nationality injured in the head.

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