National/Guerrero: Visit by UN Committee against Forced Disappearance


A delegation from the UN Committee against Forced Disappearance (CED), led by its president, Carmen Rosa Villa Quintana, arrived in Mexico on November 15th, in what will be their first visit to a country since its creation in 2010.

They will be touring 12 states of the Republic from November 15th to 27th and will meet with State authorities, victims, civil society organizations, groups and other relevant players. At the end of their visit, they will hold a press conference and in March 2022 they will deliver a report to the full Committee.

On its first day of activities, a meeting took place at the Ministry of Foreign Relations, in which the Undersecretary for Human Rights, Population and Migration of the Ministry of the Interior, Alejandro Encinas Guerrero, Carmen Rosa Villa Quintana and the parents of the 43 missing from Ayotzinapa. They spoke about the work of the Commission for Truth and Access to Justice and the progress and obstacles that have occurred in the Ayotzinapa case.

This meeting takes place prior to the visit to Guerrero by the Committee that will take place on Thursday 18th, and during which, they will have a second meeting with the parents of the 43 at the Ayotzinapa Normal School, where they will be able to listen more closely to their testimonies. 

During their tour of Guerrero, a meeting with groups, human rights organizations and families of victims is also planned in the city of Chilpancingo.

This visit takes place in a context of great violence in which to date, the National Search Commission of the Ministry of the Interior recognizes that there are more than 94,000 missing persons in the country.

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