Oaxaca: Megaprojects and 2022 Elections: AMLO’s 24th Visit Oaxaca

@ Politico MX

On November 27th and 28th, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador made his 24th visit to the state of Oaxaca. Once again he met with Governor Alejandro Murat and they took the opportunity to supervise the progress of the different projects that are being implemented in this region, mainly on the Tehuantepec Isthmus: the Acayucan-La Ventosa highway, the Oaxaca-Isthmus super highway and the rehabilitation of the Antonio Dovali Jaime refinery.

During the visit they also reviewed the works of the Oaxaca-Puerto Escondido super highway, a project that will require an investment of more than eight billion pesos as a whole and will be composed of ten bridges and a viaduct, three tunnels, nine junctions and two collection booths. An average traffic of 4,253 vehicles per day is expected covering a length of 104.3 kilometers.

On the other hand, the head of the Ministry of National Defense, Luis Cresencio Sandoval Gonzalez, declared that in Oaxaca “crime rates are going down, mainly in high-impact crimes”, especially kidnappings, intentional homicides, vehicle theft, extortion, human trafficking, home and transport robbery. According to the official, this “is due to the coordinated work between the three levels of government.”

Meanwhile, AMLO spoke about the elections for governor in Oaxaca that will take place in mid-2022 and said that the choice of a man or a woman for this position “must be made by the people of Oaxaca.” He mentioned the two MORENA candidates who are at the head of the electoral contest: Salomon Jara and Susana Harp, both federal senators.

He said that despite knowing their work “it will be the people who decide (…) who will be the candidate.” “The important thing is that the process is carried out, not only in MORENA, in all parties without conflicts”, since always in electoral times “passions are aroused a lot and harsh frankness is sprouted”, he said.

Meanwhile, members of the Coordinator of Health Unions of Oaxaca (CSSO), demonstrated this November 29th, outside the 28th Military Zone of Santa Maria Ixcotel, where they wanted to address the President. The former employees concentrated in this place to deliver their demands. However, AMLO, along with his team, entered through another door without attending to the protesters. They said that “four months after being unemployed, the federal authorities have not given the response they promised on their last visit”, according to the RiOaxaca media.

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