Chiapas: Attorney General Rules out Remains Found in Oniltik as those of 21 Disappeared in Pantelho

@ Prensa Libre Chiapas

The Chiapas State Attorney General’s Office announced the discovery of two skeletons in a cave in the town of Oniltik, between Pantelho and San Juan Cancuc, although it ruled out that they were any of the 21 disappeared attributed to the Self-defense group of El Machete, contrary to the unofficial information leaked in some social media.

An investigation file was opened “for the discovery of two skeletons that correspond to two people of the male gender.” However, “it is ruled out that they have any relationship with the 21 people detained in said municipality”, the authorities assured, noting “that the whereabouts of the people are still unknown.”

The rescue work began on December 7th at 7:00 a.m. and concluded on the morning of December 8th. Elements of the San Cristobal Fire Department explained that the remains of one of the subjects was relatively complete and with their facial tissues and the other only bone remains, so they will begin with the pertinent actions to obtain the genetic profile and identify the victims.

Prior to the search, a dialogue was held between the authorities of the Pantelho Municipal Council and the National Search Commission (CNB) to access the area and begin search actions. In addition, according to various media, this action was at the request of the complaint filed by relatives of the people belonging to the El Machete group and said Commission.

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