Oaxaca: Trans Movement Demands Clarity for Procedures and Protocols for Gender Identity Recognition 

@ El Universal Oaxaca

At the start of the month, people from the trans community in Oaxaca published a statement where they demanded that the civil registry authorities “respect what is stipulated in the state’s Civil Code, with regard to the requirements, procedures and protocol” of the process of gender identity recognition and above all to make them public.

The Oaxatrans movement reported that, last November, they met with the Chief of the Legal Unit of the civil registry of the state of Oaxaca, Juan Gabriel Rodriguez Matus to expose the most frequent doubts in the accompaniment of people from the trans community, but above all because they have documented little clarity in the procedures as well as requirements “without  legal justification” by the different offices of the Civil Registry.

They denounced that despite the modification to the Civil Code for trans adolescents “it is not possible that there is not a clear answer, there is no protocol, there is nothing that tells us how to carry out this procedure.” “Arriving with the official they explain to us that there are not 30, that there are 12 [copies] and he clearly explains that certain institutions have to be notified, but there is no [legal] justification and they take it as a suggestion.”

According to El Universal Oaxaca, on the official website of the government of Oaxaca, the requirements to carry out the process of “Gender Identity Recognition” are: application (Official Office and/or Legal Unit), certified copy of the registry of birth, copy of official identification and updated proof of address. “Nowhere is it specified that they have to be exactly 12 copies”, it notes.

For more informtion in Spanish:

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