National: National Indigenous Congress Declares Alert over “Federal Government War”


Following the publication in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF) of the presidential decree declaring federal projects as national security and of public interest, the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) held a press conference to protest against these policies of dispossession and “war” of the current government. Marisela Mejia, Otomi Councilor said that this decree favors “excessive” economic interests and continues a climate of corruption that has existed for decades. She denounced “the illegal nature of this capitalist agreement” but at the same time assured: “we will continue to resist.”

Regarding the implications of this decree, government projects may be provisionally authorized within a period of no more than five days, in the event of not reaching a positive or negative agreement, a “fictitious affirmative” will be given, that is, the megaproject will be authorized, “even though it does not have a legal, environmental, or social certainty of its viability”, said Juan Carlos Flores, lawyer for the People’s Front in Defense of Land and Water, Morelos, Puebla, Tlaxcala.

He also explained that this decree “legalizes dispossession with public force to install megaprojects” for which they have filed injunctions in different towns in Mexico to request a suspension “ex officio and outright” against them “because the rights of Indigenous peoples are also comparable to the rights of the agrarian subjects of our country” of having the guarantee that no act of government can pass over the lands, mountains and water or over the free self-determination of the indigenous peoples.

“To carry out the works and projects that invade, dispossess and destroy our territories, they do not ask for our consent, rather they threaten us, persecute us and murder us to advance them. They pretend to consult, divide the community assemblies and make it clear that they will do so one way or another; and yet they name war with words like progress, national development or fourth transformation”, the CNI-CIG said in a statement after the conference.

For more information in Spanish:

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