Chiapas: Climate of Violence Continues in Oxchuc – Local Congress Assures Municipal Council Is Provisional 

@El Heraldo de Chiapas

In the first days of January 2022, the Secretary General of the Government, Cecilia Flores Perez, met with 15 community representatives from the municipality of Oxchuc, in order to create conditions that contribute to governance, social peace and dialogue.

Flores Perez reiterated that “the State Government is respectful of the resolution issued by the State Congress and the decisions of the Community Electoral Body” and called for respecting “the times that the electoral bodies determine for the resolution, and as long as this happens, without affecting the rights of the population.”

The meeting was held in the presence of deputies of the LXVIII Local Legislature and officials of the Institute of Elections and Citizen Participation (IEPC), the Ministry of the Interior (SEGOB), the National Commission for Dialogue with the Indigenous Peoples of Mexico (CDPIM) and the State Commission for Human Rights (ECHR).

The executive secretary of the IEPC, Manuel Jimenez Dorantes, clarified to the Oxchuc community commission that “the challenges filed by the two candidates in the Xalapa regional court of the Chiapas State Electoral Tribunal (TEECH), which will issue the ruling correspondent.”

The president of the Board of Directors of the Local Congress, Maria de los Angeles Trejo Huerta, assured that “the Municipal Council appointed on December 31st, 2021, is provisional, as long as the elective process is concluded based on the internal regulatory systems and the determined by TEECH.” The Municipal Council appointed on December 31st, 2021 is chaired by Roberto Santiz Gomez. However, on January 1st, Professor Hugo Gomez Santiz, self-proclaimed municipal president, was sworn in with his team in the central square of the Tseltal town before thousands of residents who shouted Roberto Santiz had sold out, they blocked the road that connects to San Cristobal de Las Casas with the municipality of Ocosingo and tried to set fire to Roberto Santiz Gomez’s house.

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