Chiapas: Lowest Percentage of People Vaccinated 

@ El Heraldo de Chiapas

On January 4th during the morning conference, the progress of the National Vaccination Strategy was announced. According to this registry, 82,091,136 people have been immunized with at least one dosage against COVID-19 in the country. However, states such as Oaxaca and Guerrero register less than 74% of their population vaccinated; Chiapas is in last place with 65%.

Although it has already been announced that the third dose of the vaccine will be administered in the state, many people remain reluctant due to the myths surrounding it. Some preferred not to apply the second dose due to the complications they had with the first; others say that a third dose is not necessary and still others still do not believe that the virus exists.

For his part, given the rebound in cases after the end of the year festivities, the Secretary of Health of Chiapas invited the population to remain vigilant in the face of the most common symptoms of the disease, and if they are positive, isolate themselves to limit the damage and spread of the virus, especially after the first case of the Omicron variant was confirmed in the Chiapas capital.

Regarding the reinforcement for teachers in Chiapas, the head of the Institute’s Decentralized Administrative Operation Body, Enrique Leobardo Ureña Bogarin said that it would be a single dose of Moderna, although they have not yet confirmed whether the entity will be part of the first 16 states where it is will apply.

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