Guerrero: “Catastrophic Panorama” as COVID-19 Cases Rebound

@ Tlachinollan

COVID-19 infections in the country broke a record on January 8th, registering 30,671 cases in a single day. Despite the fact that in many states the rebound has increased, state and municipal authorities of states such as Guerrero “go against the growth of the pandemic”, said La Montaña Tlachinollan Mountain Human Rights Center, since they have allowed mass events, in addition to registering an increase in hotel occupancy and crowded beaches “without any control.”

It should be noted that Guerrero, like Chiapas, occupies one of the last places in vaccination percentage, so, with the presence of the Omicron variant, the state finds itself in a situation where “the panorama looks catastrophic.” There is a delay in vaccination and little hospital capacity. In addition, an adapted strategy is needed from the new health authorities since the population continues to be asked to continue with the same health measures since the start of the pandemic, despite the fact that it is a more contagious variant of the virus.

Despite the fact that the state Health Secretariat specified that the number of infections rose from 624 to 863, Guerrero will remain green on the epidemiological risk traffic light until January 23rd, so the head of the Guerrero Education Secretariat (SEG ), Marcial Rodriguez Saldaña, said face-to-face classes would not be suspended. Faced with this, Tlachinollan regretted that there was no evaluation by the educational authorities, especially given the lack of vaccination boosters for teachers, who will have to return to the classrooms even with the risk that children can also catch Omicron.

“We do not see a fundamental change as expected in this government of the Fourth Transformation, obsolete practices continue to be replicated that do not address the structural problem faced by the Secretary of Health. We are still in time to channel health in Guerrero in a new direction”, the Center concluded.

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