Chiapas: Pueblo Creyente Pilgrimage To Honour Memory of Jtatic Samuel Ruiz

@San Cristobal de Las Casas Diocesis

On January 25th, the now traditional pilgrimage of Pueblo Creyente (Believing People) was carried out as part of the celebrations for the 11th anniversary of the passing of Jtatic Samuel Ruiz García.

More than 3,000 people from different indigenous communities (Tsotils, Tzeltals and Choles) and members of civil society organizations, led by the Diocese of San Cristobal de las Casas, gathered at two points in the city to make a pilgrimage and finally meet at the central park, where Pueblo Creyente read a statement through which they gave an account of the context that is experienced in their communities and throughout the state.

“As a Believing People we unite, on this day, to manifest all the abuses and injustices experienced by our peoples and communities, especially insecurity, violence and the territorial dispute caused by organized crime, before which the authorities of the three levels of government are overwhelmed, permissive and in collusion due to the system of control that organized crime exercises in the national territory. (…) The disappearance of people, girls-boys, men and women, of different ages. And due to the fear of reprisals and the non-exercise of the rule of law, people do not denounce. (…) Also the threat and assassination of social leaders and social communicators, as well as threats to Agents of the Pastoral of our Diocese.”

In their statement, they denounced various issues that afflict the region, such as militarization, impunity, migrant trafficking, and excessive logging, among others, and recognized the work that civil society organizations and the diocese have done.

Finally, they reaffirmed their commitment to the defense of the land and territory and invited all peoples to “build justice and hope together.”

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