Oaxaca: Situation of Press Deteriorating  

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The deterioration of the situation of the press throughout Mexico is also seen in the state of Oaxaca. Here, on January 26th, 2022, journalist Jose Ignacio Santiago Martinez, founder and director of Pluma Digital Noticias, was shot at on the Yosonicaje-Tlaxiaco highway in the Mixteca region.

The 31-year-old reporter had “collected tourist-cultural information” for an article near the town of San Lucas Yosonicaje, in the north of the state. Returning a group chased them and attacked them. “I can’t make any accusations because I don’t know where the attack comes from”, he explained to the Prosecutor’s Office. Martinez was uninjured and is safe.

Approximately 700 journalists are under the Federal Protection Mechanism for Human Rights Defenders and Journalists, and the attack occurred just a few days after demonstrations across the country for the murders of Lourdes Maldonado, Margarito Martinez and Jose Luis Gamboa, journalists killed in Mexico since the beginning of 2022.

Article 19 statistics indicate that “The inefficiency of the authorities has contributed to the impunity rate in attacks against the press remaining at 99.13%”, which is also seen in the case of Marcos Hernandez Bautista, correspondent for the newspaper Noticias Voz e Imagen de Oaxaca in the region of the Coast of Oaxaca. He was assassinated on January 21st, 2016 by Jorge Armando Santiago Martinez, at that time police commander of Jamiltepec. The latter was convicted and sentenced to 30 years in prison, but just “two years later, the Collegiate Court of the Thirteenth Circuit acquitted him through a direct injunction, and the crime against the communicator remained in total impunity.”

Oaxaca is considered the second deadliest state in the country to practice journalism, with ten journalists murdered since 2013, according to Article 19.

For more infromation in Spanish:

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