Guerrero: National Guard and State Police Prevent Protest by Ayotzinapa Parents 

@ Excelsior

On January 28th, more than 800 members of the National Guard and Guerrero State Police arrived at the Palo Blanco toll booth “to prevent the fathers and mothers of the 43 disappeared students from the Ayotzinapa Normal Rural School from protesting there”, La Montaña Tlachinollan Human Rights Center reported.

For the Committee of Fathers and Mothers of the 43, this action by the government violates their rights to freedom of expression, to give information and “to protest the disappearance of our children.” They said that the demonstrations seek to demand justice, express their disagreement with the illegitimate and illegal action of all the security forces, as well as inform the population about the progress of the investigation. “There are no solid grounds to prevent the mothers and fathers of the 43 from protesting, no harm is caused to third parties, (…), the lives of people are not put at risk nor is violence generated with our act of protest, why then cancel and restrict these prerogatives?”

They evidenced the lack of action of the authorities when, a day before, an armed group murdered four people in the same place where they were prevented from demonstrating: “(the) government is not interested in establishing order, nor avoiding violence, its objective it is to prevent social protest, undermine popular organization and destroy freedom of assembly, as they did with the mothers and fathers of the 43″, they denounced.

Faced with the attempt to disperse the movement, the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) asked the Federal Government and Governor Evelyn Salgado Pineda “to refrain from incurring in actions that could put the physical integrity of the relatives of the 43 disappeared students at risk.” (…) and consequently guarantee their right to peaceful demonstration.” The body condemned “the acts of intimidation and censorship” committed against the demonstrators and spoke “strongly” in support of the mothers and fathers of the disappeared student teachers.

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