Chiapas/National: Migrants Denounce Persecution by INM and National Guard

@Diario del Sur

“In the style of organized crime, now even the agents of the National Migration Institute (INM) ‘charter’ migrants”, denounced the activist and human rights defender of this population, Irineo Mujica Morga, and exposed images as evidence that the migrants are subjected to this type of torture. In a press conference on Monday, January 31st, in front of the Jesus El Buen Pastor Shelter, located on the outskirts of the urban area of ​​Tapachula, Irineo Mujica and dozens of people from Central America, South America, the Caribbean and also from African countries, denounced the persecution by agents of the INM and the National Guard against the migrant population.

Mujica Morga reported that on January 30th at night, INM agents and the National Guard carried out a raid to arrest migrants who gathered outside the shelter to have a very early march on January 31st, towards the offices of the Commission. Mexican Aid to Refugees (COMAR).

“The intention of this raid was to dismantle, to inhibit the march, which is why hundreds of migrants who were expected to arrive today were afraid of being detained and taken to the Siglo 21 Immigration Station for later deportation”, said the activist. He indicated that the persecution, repression, and detention continue to increase, which has caused more and more migrants to opt for high-risk migration routes of assaults, violence, rape, and murder.

In addition, “institutional delay and bureaucracy persist in the INM and COMAR offices, where with all the intention of retaining migrants in Tapachula, their appointments are canceled and postponed, so they continue to live in precarious conditions without jobs. in the streets or shacks where they abuse them with rents”, reported Mujica Morga, and demanded that the INM of Tapachula and all checkpoints in Chiapas be removed.

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