Guerrero: Stop Violence and Impunity

@ Tlachinollan

On February 2nd, within the framework of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Genaro Vazquez Rojas, thousands of people, including mothers and fathers of the 43 Ayotzinapa student teachers, displaced indigenous families, and supportive individuals, among others, mobilized to demand an end to the violence and impunityin the state of Guerrero.

Under the surveillance of the National Guard and the state police, the demonstrators, carrying posters of photographs of disappeared persons and assassinated social activists such as Rocio Mesino and Ranferi Hernandez, advanced through the streets of Chilpancingo, the state capital.

In front of the anti-monument to the 43, the protesters denounced the lack of “the authorities and the current government of Guerrero do not have a specific agenda to face the serious problems in the state.” “The National Guard is there to defend the people, their rights, but how many confrontations are there in Chilpancingo, Acapulco and all of Guerrero, then where is the National Guard?”, asked a student from the Ayotzinapa normal school.

Vidulfo Rosales, a lawyer from the La Montaña Tlachinollan Center for the Defense of Human Rights, also announced that Guerrero is “a state with the open wounds of the dirty war, with 99 percent impunity. There are 5,300 missing persons and more than 30 defenders and journalists murdered from 1996 to date.”

Even so, the fight for justice will continue: “we will continue to take to the streets, exercising the right to protest in public spaces, in buildings, in squares, at toll booths if necessary, in privileged spaces, where the voice of mothers and fathers is made to resonate to demand justice, to demand truth (…)”, he explained.

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