Guerrero: Repression of Ayotzinapa Students “Unjustified and Unnecessary Action” – Parents of the 43 

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On February 4th, students from the Ayotzinapa Normal Rural School tried to take over the Palo Blanco booth to demand that their 43 disappeared classmates be found alive. The deployment of more than 800 police officers caused the students to withdraw “so as not to confront the forces of order.”However, the protesters were encapsulated by the police, “restricting their right to freedom of expression, association and assembly.” The balance was two injured students and five more arrested – all released hours later.

After these events, the Committee of Fathers and Mothers of the 43 lamented the violent response of the armed forces who “in an unjustified and unnecessary action, (…) initiated actions of hostility and repression against young people, which implies a disproportionate use of the force that violates international human rights standards”; they strongly condemned the repression against the students and evidenced the “repressive vocation” of the current government and a continuity in the repressive practice against social movements.

In this regard, La Montaña Tlachinollan Mountain Human Rights Center lamented that the current governor “has not promoted a meeting with the young student teachers” and assured that “dialogue has been conspicuous in its absence in Guerrero”, despite the commissions that collectives and movements have formed part of together with the President of the Republic to address the serious situation of forced disappearance that “requires the commitment of all state institutions” to be fulfilled.

The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) also called for dialogue to seek solutions and the construction of an environment of peace, respect and protection of human rights, both for the protesters and for citizens and security forces.

President Lopez Obrador, for his part, affirmed that members of organized crime could be infiltrated in the direction of the movement of the students of the Normal Rural School of Ayotzinapa: “We have information that there are people dedicated to illicit activities, infiltrated in this movement. . Maybe they don’t even know this”, so he called on the students “not to let themselves be manipulated” neither by organized crime, “nor by other white-collar crime.” “I hope that they put down that attitude and that they do not play the game of the right (…) You can fight for principles and ideals, without violence”, Lopez Obrador exhorted.

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