National: AMLO Creates Military Company to Run Megaprojects 

@La Jornada

On February 10th, during a ceremony organized within the framework of the Day of the Mexican Air Force, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) announced the creation of a military company called “Olmeca, Maya Mexica” that will be in charge of managing the Maya Train and the new airports in Santa Lucia, Tulum, Chetumal and Palenque.

“That same company is going to manage the 1,500 kilometers of the Maya Train and that company, which is going to depend on the armed forces, is going to allocate 75 percent of its profits for the retirement of sailors, soldiers, members of the armed forces”, he declared.

AMLO repeatedly thanked the Armed Forces for their support not only in large works (including the construction of the National Guard barracks and the Welfare Bank branches) but also in dealing with the pandemic and the distribution of anti-Covid vaccines.

“We are working for the development of Mexico and we are doing it thanks to the collaboration of the armed forces, without rhetoric, without demagoguery, (I tell you) it would have been very difficult to face the health crisis, the economy, without the support of the secretariats of Defense and Navy, two pillars of the National State”, he added.

“Let there be no wavering in our determination to contribute to having a Mexico in peace and prosperity for all our compatriots, may our will never waver to remain unwaveringly loyal to our nation”, he concluded.

For more information in Spanish:

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