National/International: European Parliament Asks Mexican Authorities To Guarantee Protection of Journalists and Human Rights Activists. Mexican Government Responds


On March 10th, the European Parliament passed a resolution stressing that “Mexico has long been the most dangerous and deadly place for journalists outside of an official war zone.”

Through this document, the parliamentarians asked the Mexican authorities for “measures to guarantee the protection and creation of a safe environment for journalists and human rights defenders, addressing widespread corruption and deficiencies in judicial systems, which cause high rates of impunity in these crimes.”

In addition, they mentioned that “Parliament observes with concern the harsh and systematic criticism formulated by the highest authorities of the Mexican Government against journalists and their work.”They warned that “the rhetoric of abuse and stigmatization generates an environment of incessant agitation against independent journalists” and asked the Mexican authorities “to refrain from any communication that could stigmatize journalists and media workers, and also the human rights defenders.”

For its part, the Government of Mexico issued its response that same day through a document in which it expressed its annoyance at the resolution and assured, among other things, that “Mexico has ceased to be a land of conquest and, as in very few occasions in its history, the libertarian principles of equality and democracy are being asserted. Nobody is repressed here, freedom of expression and the work of journalists are respected. The State does not violate human rights as happened in previous governments, when you, by the way, kept an complicit silence.”

The reactions to the Presidency’s statement were immediate, several media outlets, officials, academics and society in general lamented the lack of diplomacy and professionalism in the writing, many even thought it was a joke and some even apologized to the European Parliament for the speech that, in the morning, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador confirmed that he himself had written.

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