Chiapas: Demands for Release of Prisoners over Multiple Violations of Due Process


At a press conference organized on March 24th in Tuxtla Gutierrez, the Fray Bartolome de Las Casas Center for Human Rights (Frayba), the Working Group No Estamos Todxs, and family members demanded the release of indigenous prisoners Marcelino Ruiz Gomez (imprisoned in Comitan), Abraham Lopez Montejo and German Lopez Montejo (imprisoned in San Cristobal de Las Casas.

“After we carried out a scrupulous review of the criminal files at Frayba, we can argue that the procedures are full of violations of due process, consisting of unfortunate judicial proceedings that range from the lack of a translator, presumption of innocence, adequate defense, in addition to being victims and survivors of torture, discrimination, with actions of impunity, under the consideration of being people who are part of an indigenous people, to which is added an unjustifiable judicial delay”, argued the Center for Human Rights.

In addition, they called for “the Mexican State to comply with decision 43/2021 issued by the Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions of the United Nations Organization, which states that the deprivation of liberty of the indigenous prisoners was arbitrary”, and therefore demanded “an exhaustive and independent investigation of the facts and that those responsible for the violation of their rights be punished.”

For more information in Spanish:

Exigimos al Estado mexicano el cumplimiento de la opinión 43/2021 del Grupo de Trabajo sobre Detenciones Arbitrarias de la ONU (Frayba, 24 de marzo de 2022)

Centro Frayba exige liberación de tres indígenas presos en Chiapas (La Jornada, 24 de marzo de 2022)

Exigen al Estado mexicano cumplir con la opinión de la ONU acerca de presos indígenas (Chiapas Paralelo, 25 de marzo de 2022)

Piden liberación de tres presos (Diario de Chiapas, 25 de marzo de 2022)

Piden libertad inmediata de tres indígenas tsotsiles (Cuarto Poder, 25 de marzo de 2022)

For more information from SIPAZ: 

Chiapas: Governor Breaks Promise To Revise Prisoners’ Cases (January 25, 2022)
Chiapas: Mariano Perez, Indigenous Tsotsil, Released after 18 Years of Unjust Imprisonment (October 24, 2021)
Chiapas/International: Solidarios de la Voz del Amate Seeks Alliances with Other Processes in Latin America (December 6, 2019)

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