National: Threats against Researcher Violeta Nuñez and Journalist Ernesto Ledesma

@Rompeviento TV

After the publication of the report “Mexico: Lithium Uncovered”, which shows the amounts of metal that are in Mexican territory and the existing capacity for its transformation process in the country, the authors, the academic Violeta Nuñez Rodriguez and the journalist Ernesto Ledesma Arronte, received death threats.

On April 1st, the doctor of economics received a phone call, in which she was asked: “Do you know that you are going to die?” During the call, the woman on the phone also asked her about the director of Rompviento TV and her colleague, Ernesto Ledesma. He himself also recorded phone calls on the same day and at the same time as Violeta Nuñez, but from two different phones. However, the three calls were made from the Hotel Pensilvania, located in the Tabacalera neighborhood, in Mexico City.

“We know that the mining industry in general, but that the Canadian industry (in particular), has killed many defenders of territory and the environment; to those who oppose their work, (to those who cross) their path”, said Violeta Nuñez in the April 5th broadcast.

Previously, on March 31st, Rompeviento TV, in collaboration with the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM), had presented the first part of the report “Mexico: Lithium Uncovered”. It was a journalistic work that said that, contrary to official statements, in Sonora lithium deposits are abundant and that the country does not lack the technology to use it to make batteries. The report shows the network of interests behind a campaign that opposes the lithium nationalization project, presented by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Faced with these events, the UAM repudiated the death threats and supported the work of Nuñez and Ledesma, which “has generated an important current of opinion, since it calls for raising awareness about the problem of lithium in the country.” For its part, the UAM Xochimilco also issued a statement in which it expressed its “deep concern” for Nuñez, who belongs to that university, and Ledesma, and called on the authorities to guarantee their safety and integrity, as well as to safeguard the exercise of their human rights, “especially the free expression of ideas.”

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