National/International: World Social Forum Ends in Mexico City 

XIV Foro Social Mundial

On May 6th, the XIV World Social Forum concluded; there were six days of activities that began on May 1st with an accompaniment in the International Workers’ Day march and culminated with an Assembly of Peoples and Movements held in the auditorium of the Mexican Union of Electricians.

Rosa Elvia Zuñiga, from the Popular Education Council of Latin America and the Caribbean, affirmed that the meeting in Mexico City “is a reunion to rearticulate and share the struggles to think about how to build a new society in the face of barbarism.”

During the Forum, various topics were addressed, from human rights and feminism, to economic, social, labor, health, cultural, integration, defense of sovereignty, climate and environment, water and land, business abuses, labor exploitation, growing social inequality, migration, among others. But they affirmed that the transversal axis of the WSF continues to be “the fight against imperialism, racism, patriarchy and capitalism, in defense of life, democracy, autonomy and self-determination of the peoples.”

One of the conclusions was that “the planet is immersed in a colossal war, a real, daily war, which humanity is under and that can only be stopped with an affirmation of the sovereignty of the peoples against the looting of the transnationals and their predatory action that accelerates climate change, and is also permanent.”

The forum was attended by 500 organizations and more than 2,000 participants. There were some complaints against the Government of Mexico and the National Institute of Migration for discrimination for having denied visas to participants from Asia and Africa and for the deportation of the trans activist Keila Simpson of Brazilian nationality.

For more information in Spanish:

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