National: AMLO Says Section 5 of Maya Train Will Not Be Delayed Despite Injunctions 

@ El Milenio 

On May 31st, the judge of the First District Court of Yucatan, Adrian Fernando Novelo Perez, announced the definitive suspension of the construction of Section 5 of the Maya Train megaproject, while an injunction filed by environmentalists is resolved.

The construction of Section 5, which goes from Cancun to Tulum, was suspended indefinitely, while injunction 884/2022, filed by a group of environmentalists and due to the lack of environmental authorizations, is resolved. “This is a great victory not only for the collective, but for all Mexicans, because what is defended belongs to everyone: the water, the jungle and the archaeological remains”, said Jose Urbina, a cave diver and one of the protectors. He pointed out that he and his companions have received complaints and threats.

On social networks, famous people such as Miguel Rodarte and Barbara Mori expressed their joy at the suspension: “May this serve us to understand the good of union for the common good” and“without a doubt a very important day for democracy”, they wrote.

But just a few hours after the official announcement, the president of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, defended his work and announced that “we are going to comply legally and they are not going to be able to stop us. Private interests are not going to prevail, they are not going to be above the general interest, the interest of the people, of the people, of the nation.”

He also explained that they are going “to go to another instance or they are going to present resources so that the injunction does not proceed because it is unfounded, this is a political issue of those who do not want the work to be carried out, they are pseudo-environmentalists, financed by large companies, especially tourism and also by foreign governments. There are environmentalists financed by the United States Government.”

The works of Section 5 South of the Maya Train will be suspended at least until June 26th, when a new hearing is held for this protection. Additionally, the entire Section 5 has another provisional suspension whose future will be decided in mid-June.

For more information in Spanish:

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