Guerrero: Dirty War Military Archives Opened; Outrage over Inclusion of Names on Monument to Fallen 

@El Financiero

During the event to open the military archives for the Truth and Historical Clarification Commission and the promotion of justice for serious human rights violations committed between 1965 and 1990, General Crescencio Sandoval defended the actions of the army, affirming that has always been in favor of the Mexican people, while relatives and victims of human rights violations committed by the Army protested in the official act on two occasions.

For the families of the victims and survivors, it was a moment full of tension and discomfort, since Sandoval notified “that President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador authorized the inscription of the names of soldiers who died during the Dirty War in the monument to the Fallen of the Armed Forces.”Faced with this news there was a demonstration and shouts inside the place, because this decision was considered an offense. “I am proud to tell you that the president himself authorized the inscription of the names of soldiers who died due to past events in the monument to the Fallen of the Armed Forces, which is located in the Plaza del Servicio a la Patria”, he said.

The CNDH, through a statement, expressed concern about the fact that it is intended to equalize the treatment of victims and aggressors: “we are concerned that, in the case of an investigation into serious human rights violations committed by the State through members of the Army, it is intended to equate the victims of these violations with the soldiers who committed these violations and that, although they may have fallen for these actions, in no way can they receive the same treatment as those who suffered harassment, arbitrary detentions, serious violations, executions extrajudicial, forced disappearance, torture, etc. From our point of view, an act of recognition of these facts would honor the Armed Forces, reaffirm their popular essence and reinforce their commitment to the transformation that the country and they themselves are currently experiencing.”

For more information in Spanish:

AMLO autoriza incluir nombres de militares muertos en la Guerra Sucia en monumento de las Fuerzas Armadas (Animal Político, 22 de junio de 2022)

Soldados agresores no pueden recibir el mismo trato que las víctimas: CNDH(Aristegui Noticias, 23 de junio de 2022)

Tinta Libre: La ofensa de la 4T con las víctimas de la Guerra Sucia (Ruptura 360, 24 de junio de 2022)

Entre reclamos, abren los archivos militares sobre la Guerra Sucia (El financiero, 23 de junio de 2022)  

For more information from SIPAZ:

Guerrero/National: Archives of Repression; COMVERDAD Presents Final Report on Dirty War in Guerrero (June 7, 2022)
National: Commission for Access to Truth on Dirty War in Mexico Established (October 10, 2021)
National/Guerrero: Support Plan for Victims of the Dirty War (February 14, 2019)  
International/National: IACHR presents report regarding right to truth which includes the case of the “Dirty War” in Mexico (December 16, 2014)

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