Oaxaca: Release of Fredy Garcia Celebrated – Demands for Full Reparation


After almost three years in jail, community defender Fredy Omar Garcia Ramirez was released by acquittal on June 24th. National and international social and civil organizations celebrated this fact.

Fredy García was arbitrarily detained in November 2019, crimes were fabricated, he was a victim of criminalization and torture. In addition, “under the pretext of the pandemic” the principle of speedy procedure was violated by postponing his hearings. During his confinement, the defender organized a hunger strike demanding improvements in health, food and work conditions inside Taniveth Prison in Oaxaca. There, 90% of the prison population joined these demands.

Several organizations from Oaxaca and other states have followed the case of Fredy Garcia and have carried out days of struggle for his release, demonstrations and joint communiqués, in addition to other shows of solidarity from international organizations.

For its part, the Council of Autonomous Oaxacan Organizations (COOA) stated that “there were more than two years in which the compañero was held hostage by the State for crimes that were more than proven that he did not commit.”

The fact that Fredy’s detention was illegal has led civil and social organizations to demand full reparation for the damage caused to him and his family. As affirmed by groups such as the Oaxaca Consortium and defenders: “Fredy’s detention was illegal, they finally granted him his freedom and acquittal, we demand that the State fully repair the damage caused to Fredy and his family.”

For more information in Spanish:

Absuelven al defensor Fredy García tras casi tres años de prisión en Oaxaca(Desinformémonos, 28 de junio de 2022)

Exigen reparación del daño para vocero de Codedi absuelto por asesinato de un agente en Oaxaca (El Universal Oaxaca, 28 de junio de 2022)

Absuelve juez a Fredy García, activista de Oaxaca; sale libre tras más de 2 años de cárcel (El Universal Oaxaca, 16 de junio de 2022)

Liberan a Fredy García, defensor comunitario en Oaxaca (Aristegui, 24 de junio de 2022)

Absuelven a Fredy García, defensor comunitario en Oaxaca, tras 32 meses de prisión preventiva (Educa, 27 de junio de 2022)

For more information from SIPAZ:
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