Oaxaca: Continuation of Gunna Sicaru (EDF) Wind Farm Denounced


The Assembly of Indigenous Peoples of the Isthmus in Defense of Land and Territory (APIIDTT) denounced in a statement on July 4th that the Electricite de France (EDF) company continues with the imposition of the wind farm project Gunna Sicaru, although in June the cancellation of the electricity contract with the company was announced.

“EDF’s claim is still manifest and we have verified it in agrarian injunction 302/2020, since after the announcement of the cancellation of the consultation, on June 7th of this year EDF appeared proposing an expert in Anthropology and History, in addition to also appointing the surveying and topography expert, expanding the questionnaire to try to demonstrate that they have the right to the communal lands that they have occupied through totally illegal purchase and sale contracts for approximately 4000 hectares, so it is evident that the interest in building the Gunaa Sicaru wind energy project is still in force”, they state in the document.

They also asked the Mexican government for protection for the defenders of the territory and respect for human rights and the self-determination to which they are entitled as indigenous peoples.

“We demand that the authorities respect and enforce the outright suspension granted by the Collegiate Court; we demand that the threats and harassment of community members and defenders of the territory in the Tehuantepec Isthmus cease, and that guarantees and protection be granted to exercise our right to self-determination”, they concluded.

For more information in Spanish:

EDF continúa la imposición de Parque Eólico Gunna Sicarú amenazando Bienes Comunales de Juchitán (Central de medios libres, 5 de julio de 2022)

Eólica francesa continúa imposición de proyecto en Unión Hidalgo, advierte APIIDTT (Educa, 6 de julio de 2022)

For more information from SIPAZ:

Oaxaca: EDF Wind Farm at Gunna Sicaru Stopped (June 8, 2022)

Oaxaca/Internacional: Relatores de la ONU recomiendan a EDF respetar los derechos humanos en el desarrollo del parque eólico Gunaa Sicarú (December 14, 2021)


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