National: AMLO Government Continues to Opt for Militarization To Combat Organized Crime

@ Cuartoscuro

Burned vehicles, blockades and shootings were some of the manifestations of the firepower of organized crime groups that unleashed a wave of violence in several states in the north of the country. La Montana Tlachinollan Human Rights Center described as worrying “the overtones of ungovernability” where federal and state authorities have been overwhelmed due to the fragility of the institutions in terms of fulfilling their objectives. This situation has given way to the security strategy of the 4T government resorting to the use of military forces for security tasks every year and that the recent announcement of including the National Guard (GN) in command of SEDENA, “[have] negative consequences for our democratic system”, assured the Center.

This militarization strategy has been questioned as a result of the multiple cases where the presence of armed forces to combat organized crime “has left bloody and painful results due to serious human rights violations”, reiterates Tlachinollan. The alarming number of transfers and recruitment of soldiers to the National Guard as well as the allocated budget – some 235 billion pesos – and that of the GN, approximately 60 billion, represents the equivalent of the budget approved for the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN).

The president’s position is worrisome because he “assumes himself as the defender of the military and places himself on the opposite side of the victims who have suffered human rights violations”, said Tlachinollan. On the other hand, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador minimized the acts of violence recorded this weekend and argued that “it is false that these prevent governance and that our opponents want to use the issue to create a perception of insecurity and affect our government.”

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