Guerrero: Three Years without Justice for Arnulfo Ceron


Three years after the disappearance and murder of defender Arnulfo Ceron, family members and his colleagues from La Montaña Popular Front call on civil society organizations to maintain unity and persevere in the search for justice, so that there is no impunity in this unfortunate case.

La Montaña Tlachinollan Human Rights Center in its statement recalls that “on September 11th, 2019, defender Arnulfo Ceron Soriano was deprived of his liberty in a Tlapa neighborhood by an organized crime group, and found in a hidden grave, 41 days later, on November 20th. They were days of anguish and sleeplessness for his wife, his children, his mother and his comrades in the struggle, 41 days that they could not sleep due to the pain of his absence. There were 41 days of tireless struggle demanding that the state authorities find out the whereabouts of the community defender.”

Relatives and companions of Arnulfo, in commemoration of the third anniversary, marched and held a rally in Tlapa, Guerrero, demanding progress from the authorities in the process that contributes to clarifying the facts and justice. They stated that they continue to be persecuted and threatened for defending life.

The director of Tlachinollan affirmed “we need to coordinate efforts so that we can really open the gap and remove the stones that have been placed in front of us so that there is no truth and justice, we have to fight together. We have already verified that no party of any color is going to commit themselves to the victims, they have their economic interests and they are not interested in justice for the imprisoned peoples. The worst is the bad news that those responsible are not being punished, but we are driven by the strength that comes from the roots of these trees that are Arnulfo’s mother, wife and daughters who continue to fight from their own space and with latent fear, we have to remove the caste and continue fighting as did the men and women who lost their lives fighting to transform our state.”

For more information in Spanish:

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Guerrero, bajo las garras del crimen organizado (Tlachinollan, 10 de octubre de 2022)

For more information from SIPAZ:

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