Guerrero: CRAC-PC Commemorates 27 Years as Alternative Security System

Tired of the violence and insecurity that plagued their communities, on October 15th, 1995, 34 indigenous, Afro-Mexican and mestizo communities from the state of Guerrero formed the Regional Coordinator of Community Authorities – Community Police (CRAC-PC) in Santa Cruz del Rincon . Twenty-seven years after its foundation, the community justice system has made it possible to reduce violence rates and has expanded to 215 communities in the state.

The coordinators of the Santa Cruz del Rincon house of justice and more than 2,000 community police ratified their rejection of the presence of the National Guard in their communities: “Here our community police officers watch over the territory day and night. We have our system that governs the communities, there is security and even the capacity to deal with crime.”

In turn, in San Luis Acatlan the proposal arose, as part of its anniversary works, to sanction “with 10 to 15 years of re-education parents who sell their daughters and those who agree to “buy” them.” This was considered a way to dissuade child marriages, forced marriages, or by agreements in the communities where the community system governs.

They also regretted that both their territory and their rights as indigenous peoples seek to be violated with the reforms of Law 701 that recognized indigenous communities and the community police, and for which an adequate consultation was not carried out. That is why “now the communities are no longer respected”, said Eudocio Cruz Mendoza, teacher and coordinator. He pointed out that despite the separation of the house of justice from San Luis Acatlan, it is still governed by the same regulations that emerged in 1995: “Justice and decisions are made in the regional assemblies; nothing is decided by the coordinators, everything is submitted to the regional assembly.”

For more information in Spanish:

A 27 años de la CRAC-PC: Hasta que el respeto a nuestros derechos se haga justicia (Tlachinollan, 14 de octubre de 2022)

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(La Jornada, 17 de octubre de 2022)

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En su 27 aniversario, la CRAC-PC rechaza presencia de GN y acuerda penalizar matrimonio infantil (Educa Oaxaca, 17 de octubre de 2022)

Importante, que la CRAC sancione la venta de niñas y mujeres para matrimonios: Tlachinollan (El Sur de Acapulco, 19 de octubre de 2022)

For more information from SIPAZ:

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