Guerrero: #25N Afro-Mexican and Indigenous Women Demand from Costa Chica Halt to Femicides

Within the framework of November 25th, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, dozens of Afro-Mexican and indigenous women from the Costa Chica of Guerrero marched to demand an end to femicides in that region. Ines Fernandez, a victim of sexual torture by the military, and her daughter accompanied the demonstration in which women and girls shouted slogans such as “We want each other alive, free and without fear; woman listen and join this fight and let’s raise our voices.”

On arrival at the Ayutla esplanade, they held a meeting where they discussed the context that exists in that municipality. They said that since 2017, nine municipalities in La Montaña and the Costa Chica have had a gender alert, but violence against women continues. There, Ines Fernandez thanked the women for their participation and made a call to denounce the violence, not to remain silent and raise their voices “so that the femicides do not continue.”

In Acapulco, members of the Guerrero Association Against Violence Against Women (AGCVM) and other feminist groups and relatives of victims of femicide marched to demand justice for their compañeras who have been murdered and disappeared and for “the simulation that they said persists in the government departments and different levels of government. In this regard, Ana Gabriela Candela Garzon, a member of the Acapulco Purple Revolution Feminist Network, considered “the government takes care of women only one day of the year and nothing more in the marches” for which the protesters demanded the institutionalization of the date.

According to the AGCVM, so far this year, there have been 101 murders of women in the state.

For more information in Spanish:

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Recibió un «rezago histórico» en atención a derechos de las mujeres, señala Evelyn

Nos cuidan solo un día al año, reclaman mujeres en Acapulco (Quadratin Guerrero, 25 de noviembre de 2022)

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