National: Brutal Wave of Violence against Activists in Mexico: Aluna

Aluna Psychosocial Accompaniment, C.A.

The beginning of the year 2023 has been violent for activists in Mexico, according to Aluna Psychosocial Accompaniment, C.A., who have registered until January 17th; four murders, two disappearances and 12 arbitrary detentions, mainly against defenders of indigenous populations, land and territory.

On January 5th, Remigio de la Cruz, a human rights defender in Guerrero, was murdered. On January 12th, Isaul Nemecio, Miguel Estrada and Rolando Magno, members of the Santa Maria Ostula Community Guard and the Aquila Community Guard, were murdered in Michoacan.

On January 10th in Mexico City, eight students and a member of the group of victims who were demonstrating due to a subway accident that ended the life of a young woman were detained and beaten by police officers. In Campeche two defenders were arrested during a protest against the Maya Train. In Oaxaca, David Salazar, defender of the Binniza territory, was arrested, who was finally released due to social pressure from different people, organizations and groups.

Ricardo Lagunes and Antonio Diaz, defenders of the Aquila community, were disappeared on January 15th between Michoacan and Colima, and have not been located to date.

Faced with these alarming figures, Aluna together with other civil society organizations call on the Mexican State to act immediately and in accordance with the seriousness of this systematic violence against activists.

For more information in Spanish:

2023: brutal ola de violencia contra activistas en México, (Aluna, A.C. 20 de enero de 2023)

México, uno de los países más peligrosos para defensores de derechos humanos: Human Right Watch (Comité Cerezo, 20 de enero de 2023)

For more information from SIPAZ:

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