Oaxaca: Intimidation of Ayuuk Community by Navy to Introduce Trans-Isthmus Corridor Denounced


Inhabitants of Estacion Sarabia in the municipality of San Juan Guichicovi, protested against the intimidation they have received from the military, who are supporting the workers of La Peninsular company, which is carrying out works ifor  the Trans-Isthmus Corridor.

With a blockade of the train tracks, authorities and agrarian representatives denounced the unauthorized entry in the communities of workers from La Peninsular company since January 20th, who have tried to change the sleepers and for this reason have been expelled from the ejidal land.

The Union of Indigenous Communities of the North Zone of the Isthmus (UCIZONI) reports that “after the mobilization carried out by the compxs of Estacion Sarabia Guichicovi on January 20th and 21st, it was possible to expel the workers of the company that is carrying out upgrading work of the Tehuantepec Isthmus railroad, despite the aggressive intervention of the marines.”

On January 26th, “members of SEMAR knocked down a post that prevented the passage of machinery and covered the renewed entry of workers, so today ejidatarios and residents of Estacion Sarabia carried out a mobilization early in the morning that consists of blocking the railroad tracks. The ejidatarios of Hierba Santa and San Juan Guichicovi joined this”, they affirmed in the statement, where they also demand respect for the rights of the Indigenous peoples of the Isthmus.

For more information in Spanish:

Comunidad ayuuk denuncia intimidación de marinos para imponer obras del Corredor Transístmico (Educa, 30 de enero de 2023).

Campesinos de Oaxaca denuncian intimidación de marinos para permitir obras del Transístmico en sus tierras (El Universal, 28 de enero de 2023)


For more information from SIPAZ:

Oaxaca: UNHCHR Intervention Requested over Human Rights Violations in Approval of Implementation of Trans-Isthmus Corridor (November 23, 2023

Oaxaca: Frente de Organizaciones Oaxaqueñas (FORO) contra la imposición de megaproyectos (January 23, 2023)

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