Guerrero: Violence Increases in State, 120 Murders already this Year


The state of Guerrero has had a violent start to the year. During the month of January, at least 120 murders were registered, of which more than half occurred in Acapulco.

Despite the increased presence of the army and the National Guard, the violence has not stopped. “The scenes of violence are daily and unstoppable. Chaos prevails, above all, due to the lack of coordination of the security forces and the infiltration of organized crime into government institutions”, La Montaña Tlachinollan Human Rights Center says in its bulletin “The Cost of Violence, Blockades and Social Protest”.

The security crisis is evident throughout the territory of Guerrero, but Acapulco is the city that has presented alarming figures to date. In the last weeks of January, around 50 people were murdered with extreme violence. Among them, the operational chief of the Acapulco Auxiliary Police, Samuel Buenfil Espinoza, near the facilities of the Ministry of Public Security.

The cases of femicides are equally alarming, in January at least 15 were registered in the state. Given this, collectives and feminist groups expressed their concern and demanded results in the investigations and punishment of the culprits.

“According to a ranking by the international consulting firm Statista, which evaluates the murder rate in 50 cities around the world, Acapulco is the second most violent city in the world, only after Tijuana, which registers 110.5 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants.”

The people of Guerrero have expressed their concern and discontent with the violence and lack of response from the authorities through protests that take place almost daily, mainly in Chilpancingo but also in the main cities of the state such as Acapulco, Iguala, Taxco, Pungarabato, Tlapa and Teloloapan.

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