Oaxaca: New Commissioner-elect, Pablo Ramirez, against Megaprojects


Following five years without communal authorities, on February 12th, 2023, the election for the commissioner of communal property was held in the Ikoots community of San Dionisio del Mar on the Tehuantepec Isthmus. The elected candidate, Rusbel Pablo Ramirez, was endorsed by the General Assembly of the People of San Dionisio del Mar, of which he is also an active member. “For the communities, this process is of great importance, since they have been fighting for more than a decade to claim their right to land and territory”, said the civil association Codigo DH (HR Code).

In addition, the community, authorities and schools commemorated the date of February 16th and organized a parade remembering the handover of communal lands. The origin of the parade is the recognition and designation of the communal property of San Dionisio del Mar, by presidential decree of February 16th, 1970. In this year 2023, the parade was led by Rusbel Pablo Ramirez. When the electoral process for this position had just concluded.

As commissioner-elect, Pablo Ramirez spoke out against megaprojects in the area, especially wind companies, and assured that during his term there will be consensus and dialogue with the population for decision-making and a program of meetings that involves the entire population. “For ten years we have rejected the wind company, I remain firm”, the new commissioner said in a statement.

For more information in Spanish:

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