National: Numerous Collectives Call National and International Communities to Back Urgent Action against Maya Train

May 14, 2020


@ Enlace Zapatista

On May 11th, different groups made a call to support an urgent action against the Maya Train project, since, despite the injunctions filed by the communities of Ocosingo, Palenque and Salto del Agua and the COVID-19 pandemic, work has not been suspended, thus violating the “Right to Health, life and active participation in the defense of their rights.”

It is expected that on May 14th, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) will resolve the definitive suspension of this project, which had been provisionally done by a Federal Judge in previous weeks.

Added to this is the decree published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, where the government announced that it will have the Armed Forces carry out public security tasks, which represents for indigenous peoples and communities not only “unleashing a war against the drug cartels, which impose dispossession of forests, waters, minerals, wood and facilitate the entry of business and government megaprojects, but also face corruption, the links it has with organized crime, its complicity with fuel theft, the acts of repression and dispossession of indigenous peoples and communities, the use of public force to impose megaprojects, the forced displacement that they cause in the communities, according to them to bring order, as well as the murders, rapes and the criminalization of social protest social.”

Given what is happening and could happen, it seeks to promote knowledge and resistance against the project in civil society through actions such as concentrating information on the subject for its dissemination; share the existing poster (s) and/or design new ones that denounce the project and its damages; write and disseminate pronouncements in this regard; identify campaign initiatives by existing Mexican citizen groups to support them, or launch one; promote saturation of phone calls or emails to SCJN, FONATUR, CNDH, etc., speaking out against the project; and, invite networks, groups, contacts, to join in the campaign tasks.

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National: Online Forum “No to the Misnamed Maya Train”

May 5, 2020

Tren maya© Educa Oaxaca

On April 30th, an online forum “No to the Misnamed Maya Train” was held, where activists, academics, representatives of indigenous organizations and journalists participated. During this meeting, other issues of relevance were addressed, in addition to the issues directly linked to the Maya Train megaproject, such as the displacement of communities, the ecological impact and non-compliance with international consultation standards.

On the one hand, the impact of organized crime on the work and safety of human rights defenders and resistance organizations was discussed, as well as their direct action in these projects. In addition, there was talk of the recent issuance of the decision of the international public tender awarded to the Mexican businessman Carlos Slim for the second section of the train.

Regarding this, Carlos Gonzalez Garcia, member of the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) and a lawyer specialized in agrarian law, stated that “the heart of neoliberal corruption, that is, the complicity between large capitals and the Government, remains untouchable. The Mayan Train is the tangible proof of this, the tender that Slim won is very clear.” In addition, he questioned the means through which it is proposed that the ejido lands for the construction of the subsidiaries be contributed to a real estate trust, affirming that this is not established by the agrarian law: “Will it be illegal or will they make reforms in agrarian matters?”

For his part, Ricardo Andrade, member of the Yucatan Resistance Network, spoke from a health protection perspective since, in the midst of the health crisis, this project is not essential and puts the health of all workers at risk and workers who are being asked to participate in the construction of the first section of the train.

Together, the participants expressed that this project is misnamed because it does not represent the communities that share the Maya culture, but is, as in many other cases, the “folkloring” of a culture that is still alive and that is present in the fight for the defense of the territories that will be affected by this megaproject.

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Chiapas: CIG Calls for Global Day for Life #ElEncierroNoMeCalla April 4th to 10th

April 3, 2020


Given the current coronavirus pandemic, the Indigenous Government Council (CIG) of the National Indigenous Congress launched a call for a Global Day for Life to be held from April 4th to 10th and asked “not to give up the struggle […] for humanity” after the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) announced the temporary closure of the caracoles two weeks earlier.

“In defense of life and because #ElEncierroNoMeCalla [The lockdown won´t silence me], we invite everyone, collectives, networks, organizations, individuals, supporters and adherents of the Sixth, to participate and hold musical, theatrical, dance activities, singing, poetry, cinema, painting, photography, documentaries, book reading, analysis, discussion, reflection, conferences and everything you can imagine, to shout at the bad governments of the world; that despite the Pandemic we continue to fight for life, we continue to fight against capitalism of death and patriarchy.”

The aim is to spread these activities through social networks under the hashtag #ElEncierroNoMeCalla to denounce that “national governments make their fundamental decisions subject to the dictates of financial capital.”

For more information in Spanish:

Coordinación Metropolitana, Anticapitalista y Antipatriarcal convoca a Jornada Global por la Vida #ElEncierroNoMeCalla (Enlace Zapatista el 28 de marzo de 2020)


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