Chiapas: Organizations Calling for GVA in Chiapas Leave Negotiations with State Government Due to Non-fulfillment of Agreements

GVA.pngPress conference at CDHFB. Photo: @FB

On October 10th, at a press conference held at the offices of the Fray Bartolome de Las Casas Human Rights Center, the civil organizations that are members of the Popular Campaign against Violence towards Women and the Femicide in Chiapas, made their position public after almost a year that implementation of the measures that derive from the Declaration of a Gender Violence Alert in Chiapas was ordered.

On November 18th, 2016, the National System to Prevent, Attend to, Punish, and Eradicate Violence against Women, issued a Declaration of a Gender Violence Alert for the communes of Dominguez, Chiapa de Corzo, San Cristobal de Las Casas, Tapachula, Tonala, Tuxtla Gutierrez and Villaflores; it also established specific actions for the indigenous municipalities of the Chiapas Highlands region: Aldama, Amatenango del Valle, Chalchihuitan, Chamula, Chanal, Chenalho, Huarchat, Larrainin, Mitontic, Oxchuc, Pantelho, San Cristobal de Las Casas, San Juan Cancuc, Santiago El Pinar, Tenejapa, Teopisca and Zinacantan.

The petitioning organizations insist that: “the determination is partial since the Declaration must be extended to the entire state of Chiapas due to the context of increasing violence against women that civil organizations are documenting and as an urgent demand of relatives of victims and survivors of femicidal violence.”

They affirm that: “Since January 20th, 2017, when the Inter-Institutional and Multidisciplinary Group (GIM in its Spanish acronym) was formed, we have noted with concern that representatives of the Government of Chiapas have politicized the Declaration to promote candidacies, strengthen political positions and justify the reorientation of public budgets.”

Through this Declaration they express their concern about the breach of the federal mandate and declare that the working groups have not worked as agreed in the GIM, so that “there are no concrete results and they suffer in their operation of a plan and programs that allow to monitor and evaluate the advances, challenges and setbacks in the implementation of actions “.

They also state: “A major impediment in this first stage has meant the role played by the Attorney General’s Office (FGE in its Spanish acronym) playing a role of judge and part as the entity responsible for coordinating GVA for Chiapas and to be one of the institutions identified in violations of human rights and access to justice; we insist that it be the Secretary of Government of the state of Chiapas who assumes the responsibility of coordinating the implementation of the DGVA.”

For all the aforementioned, they make public knowledge that “the Petitioners have determined not to ATTEND more to the work tables convened by the government of Chiapas, through the Attorney General’s Office, for repeatedly violating agreements that allow urgent and serious implementation by the authorities involved.”

However, they continue to attend the sessions of the Inter-Institutional and Multidisciplinary Group as the appropriate space to monitor and evaluate the actions implemented by the Government of Chiapas.

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